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With a background in editorial, advertising, and entertainment marketing, I have the winning blend of sensibilities that will make sure your book cover is true to your vision, yet appealing to the largest audience possible.

"Working with Roger Carpenter was a delightful experience. He designed our organization’s book, “Atlantic City 1868-2018: Voices from a Powerful Place.” Our team provided him with over 1000 images, many of which needed significant work to restore or enhance their appearance. The book includes two dozen writers, which required special design considerations. He worked well with our team, and met our deadlines. In the end, he created a beautiful and award-winning book, beloved by thousands of readers."


Marjane Ambler former board member, Atlantic City Historical Society

AC Interior spread.jpg
Atlantic City w background.jpg

If you are an author looking for a designer who can bring life to your book cover, look no further than Roger Carpenter. Not only is he a top notch creative, graphic designer, who will take your written work to the next level, he makes it his first job to understand your book, its central ideas, and what you are trying to accomplish before he ever starts his design process. Roger becomes not only your designer, but a collaborator and creative partner who creates a book cover that grabs readers’ attention. His years as a Hollywood graphic designer provide any author with a deep font of experience and design ideas that only Roger can provide. 

Tom Brymer, author of “Fighting for Democracy”

Fighting for Democracy FULL.jpg

What's it like to work with with me?
Many happy clients tell my story better than I do. Here are a few:

Comp presentation to final cover

Mi _Quincenera_.jpg

"After a long slog through the wilderness that is writing a book, it was refreshing to work with Roger on a cover design. He has ideas; he’s flexible, engaging, and steeped in marketing principles that actually generate sales. I’ve worked with Roger on two book covers, and won’t hesitate to work with him again. His creative juices start bubbling the minute he gets the assignment, and he usually had several ideas back to me within a day or two. Ultimately, his designs “pop,” and they are tasteful — the ‘one-two punch’ that makes books jump off the shelves."


Jolene Babyak author of “Breaking the Rock,” and “Mi ‘Quinceañera’ En Alcatraz!”

Breaking the Rock w background.jpg
Annas Story w background.jpg

"Let me just say one thing: I looked forward to phone consultations with Roger. How many writers would ever say that about the person designing their book? For so many reasons, Roger is an absolute delight to work with. He’s reliable (if he says he’ll call back in five minutes, he means, literally, five minutes), he puts his client’s needs above his ego (it’s what you want that matters most), he has a million ideas (if you don’t like that one, he has more where that came from), and he’s fast (but not too fast). Finally, and as important as everything else, he has a delightful sense of humor which is essential when the deadline is looming and much work is still to be finished. The finished product? It was even more beautiful than I could have hoped."

Dianna Waggoner author of “Anna’s Story, A Western Kentucky History,” editor, and reporter

"When I began thinking about self-publishing a book about my artwork, I did not realize how much computer work would need to be done. Once I fully understood how much work it was going to take, I panicked. I know very little about the computer, but I did know someone who did, and that was Roger. And that’s not all he knows — he’s a wonderful artist and art director too. He knew absolutely everything about digital file preparation for publishing from color correcting the artwork to printing and binding the volumes. Every headache I had in this process he took away and solved. I could not have done it without him. And on top of that he’s a wonderful person to work with."

— James Tim Walker  cartoonist, Parkinson’s survivor and author of “Shaken Not Broken”

Shaken Not Broken.jpg
Blood Atonement w background.jpg

"Selecting Roger to create the cover for my novel was easy. He is the award winning designer for a nonfiction history of Atlantic City, Wyoming, a stunning body of work which quickly went into its second printing. His creativity and love of history were a perfect fit for my novel. He sent multiple cover ideas for me to review. Several were similar with varying elements — a "theme and variations" — but many were unique, and helped me expand my own thoughts and imagination. Roger was incredibly patient. He made the process smooth with his quick turnaround of revisions and explanations of his thoughts. For the cost side, we set a budget, which Roger respected. I am thrilled with the new cover. I highly recommend Roger for his keen artist's eye, balanced by his marketing focus."

Barbara Townsend, author of “Blood Atonement”

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