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My Services


          •  Cover Design and Layout

          •  Book Title Typography
          •  Photo Optimization & Restoration

          •  Kindle and e-Book Conversions
          •  Text Formatting Interior Pages


Cover Design and Layout

This is a collaborative design process for your book cover. I first listen to what you want, then develop several ideas for you to review. Once we’ve decided on a direction, I refine the final high-resolution artwork for your approval.


Book Title Typography

Every typeface has its own unique personality. Finding the right “look and feel” for the title of your book is critical. In the movie business, creating a film’s title is usually a separate project which is done months ahead of the poster artwork, and is a marketing priority for the success of the film. I work with my clients to create the strongest, most memorable title treatments for their books. 


Photo Optimization & Restoration

Every photograph or illustration needs to be prepared for printing — traditional or e-book. Some photos, especially historic ones, require extensive repair to look their best when printed. It's the same consideration for an illustration. This is something I’m really good at and love to do.
(See Testimonials)


Kindle and e-Book Conversions

Conversion services to Kindle and other digital formats ensure that they meet the publisher's requirements. Proper chapter tagging, clickable table of contents, and a flexible layout makes an enjoyable reading experience for your “e-readers.”


Text Formatting Interior Pages

I’m known for great covers, but if your book needs interior pages formatted, that’s something I can also do. I have over 40 years’ experience in editorial and corporate page layout and typographic design.

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